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Mary Hodder is an entrepreneur, founder, user researcher, user advocate and early adopter. She founded in 2005. Dabble is a social search site that helps people organize and playlist media they like, and discover great media through other's recommendations. Dabble has indexed millions of videos from around the web, from 1,000's of sites and created an advertising matching system based upon the meaning of the media to users. She also founded a mobile app called "wellness mobile" to self track and share one's own wellness.

Before and after Dabble, Hodder has worked with large and small organizations as an information architect and interaction designer, creating algorithms, and conducting user research in the form of usability studies, needs assessments and heuristics. Her consulting has included with several web service companies with social media sites. Some of these companies are in gaming, media, photo sharing, blog and news aggregation, as well as banking, enterprise infrastructure, open source. She spent 10 months at Technorati in 2004, and completed a survey of the current state of research and development in academia in the area of New Media for the American Press Institute. She is a blogger at Napsterization ( and was an original author at bIPlog (the first UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism blog, on the topic of intellectual property, security and privacy).

She completed her Masters at the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley in May, 2004 with a thesis focusing on live-web search looking at blog data. She began her studies at SIMS in 2000 to pursue an understanding of digital media, at the intersection of information technology, the social and professional production of media, journalism, information architecture, intellectual property, privacy, and online communities. She continues to study system design with values, especially privacy for users.

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Strategy and tactical implementation:
* Building user centric systems through iterative development, with user research in close proximity to engineering.
** Usability assessment of online systems and community sites including heuristics, needs assessment, user testing -- both qualitative and quantitative.
** Interaction design and information architecture for networked communities and systems.
** Building values into systems that meet multiple and diverse participant needs.
* Search systems and algorithms which reflect user understanding of data, particularly live web data published from video, photo and news and blog systems.
* Classification systems combining top down taxonomies with bottom up folksonomy data.
* Online communities building with tools including blogs, wikis, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and many others, for transparency, communication, and conversation.

Work projects (notable):
* SWIFT DAG infrastructure system for exchange of personal and private data
* Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (privacy advocacy in the form of written submission to govt agencies and other papers)
* Maestro, a speaker and journalist source site
* Dynno, a video transmission system for gamers
* (a blog search system and news discovery and community site)
* (a video search system built with structured data to allow users to discover video surfaced by others around the web).
* (a blog search system and news discovery site)
* (a blog search system built with spidered data and structured data when available to surface blog posts and topic bloggers to searchers)
* Paparazzi, a threaded conversation and semantic association system for online conversation

Coursework While at UC Berkeley

Graduate course work:
Post Master's:
Ling290 Language of Politics, Lakoff (Blog)

Master's Program 2002-2004:
IS 299 Final Masters Project, 'Paparazzi, a blog navigation and semantic system,' Van House

IS 290.17 Technology and Policy, Samuelson
IS 290.2 Effective Communication, Consulting
IS 290.8Technology Strategy, Downes
IS 290.5Managing New Product Development
J299Media and Information Economics
Law 299 Law Clinic, Samuelson Clinic for Law and Technology/Chilling Effects)

IS 206 Distributed Computing
IS 214 assignments Usability, Van House
IS 290.4 XML class, Glushko
IS 290.8 XML lab, Glushko
J299.19 (Topic: security and privacy, Battelle)
J299.8 Flash
J299.9 Web Databases

IS 202 assignments Information Architecture and Classification
IS 204 assignments Information and Society
IS 255 assignments Programming Java
IS 299 Garage Cinema Media, Marc Davis
J299.8 assignments Intellectual Property Weblog, Battelle & Grabowicz

Prior to master's program (1999 - 2002):
IS 290 assignments News Media, Sack
IS 235Cyberlaw, Samuelson
IS 296 assignments Social Navigation of Information Spaces, Sack
Soc119 / syllabus / Workgroup Information Technology and Society, Castells
Calculus II
Adv. Statistics Theory
Statistics I & II
Calculus I

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